Jam Biscuits

These jam biscuits have been one of my new favourites. I’ve only just blogged it but have made this a few times and they have been just as good every time! It is super quick and easy to make with ingredients likely sitting in your pantry. The recipe a combination of a basic biscuit containing … Continue reading Jam Biscuits

Walnut and Cinnamon Loaf

There is nothing like eating fresh bread and this long weekend was an opportunity for me to experiment with some bread making. I was inspired by watching Masterchef Australia and Phillippa Grogan’s bread making technique! I was happy this bread required minimal kneading and tasted just as good. If you are looking for a great … Continue reading Walnut and Cinnamon Loaf

Puran Poli

After a long break of moving house and getting myself inspired again to cook my favourite foods, I thought it was only right to start with something sweet. Puran Poli is an Indian sweet roti made with chana daal and jaggery and served with a generous dollop of ghee. It can be eaten as a … Continue reading Puran Poli

Vegan Pho (Pho Chay)

After my first attempt at making pho, here is my version of Vegan Pho. For those who have not heard of Pho before: Pho is a Vietnamese soup consisting of broth, rice noodles (bánh phở) and fresh herbs. Traditionally meat based, Pho Chay is the vegetarian version eaten widely across Vietnam. I’ve always enjoyed Vietnamese … Continue reading Vegan Pho (Pho Chay)


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