Khaman Dhokla

A comforting and delicious breakfast always makes my day. After experimenting a few different recipes, this one finally gave me that fluffy and spongy dhokla and one I would want … Continue reading Khaman Dhokla

Walnut and Cinnamon Loaf

There is nothing like eating fresh bread and this long weekend was an opportunity for me to experiment with some bread making. I was inspired by watching Masterchef Australia and … Continue reading Walnut and Cinnamon Loaf

Hash Browns and Baked Beans

It cannot get more British than a combination of Hash Browns and Baked Beans for a nice weekend brunch. I have always eaten frozen hash browns and it only took … Continue reading Hash Browns and Baked Beans

Homemade Granola

This is one of the easiest snacks I have made. I love to eat oats and this is my to-go snack whenever I get a chance to make it. I … Continue reading Homemade Granola