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Hummus is a popular dip eaten widely across the Middle-East made from mashed chickpeas and a blended of spices. Here is my version of this delicious dip which is a great accompaniment to Falafel or on its own to as a snack to top your toast. I have not used Tahini in this recipe. However, … Continue reading Hummus


A wholesome homely breakfast staple to households from the Maharashtra state of India. This recipe is what I have grown up eating and enjoyed it each time. If you do try this recipe, share it on Instagram and tag us. Follow us on @kpfoodheaven for latest updates on our recipes and posts! Total cook time: … Continue reading Poha

Red Lentil Soup

A wholesome, hearty and healthy meal, perfect for a rainy day to keep you warm! I made this not expecting much but it is so quick and easy to make. Cooked with celery, carrot, a mix of spices and garnished with fresh lemon juice, the red lentil soup is so full of flavour and I just … Continue reading Red Lentil Soup

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