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Vegan Sushi

This is my first attempt at making sushi and I underestimated the effort that goes into perfecting this and that comes with practice. Nonetheless, it was delicious and a great change to the dinners I usually cook. If you do try this recipe, share it on Instagram and tag us. Follow us on @kpfoodheaven for … Continue reading Vegan Sushi

Stuffed Pav Bhaji

When you miss Mumbai street food, this is the perfect recipe to satisfy your craving! Do read the full recipe before starting the process! I made this to document and follow my own process and made sure I got it right. It’s time consuming but so worth the effort.

Buckwheat Sponge Cake

For my cheat days and sweet cravings, I experimented making a simple yet delicious sponge loaf cake to find a healthier alternative to wheat and refined sugar cakes.

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